playing with make up

I had no homework the other evening which is very rare these days, so in preparation for my prom next week I decided to play around with my eye shadows and see what looked pretty. The first photo was using the Hd brows kit I received in a Glossy Box and I have to say I really don't like this product as it comes off the skin really easily, it's really powdery and makes my skin look very ashy. So that was my worst 'experience' out of what I tried.  The best was when I used an Accessorize palette that my friend got me for Christmas. I blended three shimmery shadows to get this effect and it lasted for the whole evening. After this little fun session I think I will make my eyes subtle like the gold effect I've created but add false eyelashes for my prom, but who knows!

Any other ideas you guys have got or great tutorials you've seen? Send 'em my way :)


jus' living

quick catch up with the girls the evening after our mocks finished in the good old nandos! Got to knuckle down in preparation for my gcses now ie. lots of late nights revising instead of blogging etc. as most of my mock marks showed i need to work :(

fear not! I shall keep posting as much as possible though 
with love


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prom dress

So sorry that I haven't blogged in a while, just been consumed with revision for my GCSE Mocks but they end on Monday then goes back to the 'average' dose of homework -__- 

But anyway...
You'll probably of looked at this post thinking wow she's a bit early for prom! But my school prom is on the 3rd February (two days after my birthday ikr how rude!) which is ridiculously early but in their defence they say it means we aren't worrying about our prom dresses/dates during the time we are meant to be focused on our real GCSE's plus revision. Which granted does make sense, however means our photos cannot be taken outside in the gorgeous sun, instead inside at whichever friends house has the biggest hallway to fit us all! I found my dress in a 'boutique' along Fonthill Road market. They have many shops that sell dresses of the sort of flouncy and gyspy wedding style but luckily I found this gorgeous one and it was the last shop that my mum and I visited. As we had luckily found one so early we spent the rest of the day in London (: I managed to bag some KG Kurt Geiger shoes (click here to see them) from Selfridges and sorry but the photo doesn't do them justice! Yet I'll get you a better photo on the night. 

Hope you guys are all okay  

p.s. went into the chair shop and thought this was awesome! its rocks slightly as well and is so comfortable plus looks like one of those chairs that would of won design awards!


quickyy ;)

Just omw to my friends for a 'revision session'. Haven't got much to say must dash!




(snood,blazer&skirt-Topshop/ bracelet-Tiffanys/ coat-ZARA)

Just a quick one of what I wore to visit my family the other evening. Decided to go for the double coat trend (especially as I was walking there!) which is surprisingly chic. Shows how much fashion reflects the current climate- literally!


P.S. Here's a giveaway I found featured on this wonderful blog and I thought it would be great to share it with you, entry is simple and last but not least good luck!!



Look at these gorgeous neutrals!! This is the perfect Naked Palette dupe :) In addition, it has a double ended brush with two of my all time favorites : 
E30 for smudging and precise application (MAC 219 dupe)
E25 for blending (MAC 217 dupe)

Urban Decay limited edition Holiday 2011 Nail Polish kit 

Really festive colors, which are perfect for every Fall/Winter season :) 

Last but not least you'll get a special Sigma gift, but I won't tell you what it is ;)

url: http://linasbeautydiary.blogspot.com/2011/12/holiday-giveaway-sigma-urban-decay.html?showComment=1325498327816#c5561084917227535091