good food

 experimenting with my hair 

Bit of Brick Lane and some good food! Can't go wrong :) 

P.S. Don't hate my late posting, have my art gcse on thursday and crapping myself trying to prepare for it but SORRY for the lack of posts :( 


vanilla dreams

 So just showing the new additions in my life that I bought recently; my two yankee candles and Casio watch. I love love love them and wear my watch all the time now but it's taking a lot of getting used to as I haven't worn a watch in years and usually go straight to my phone for the time. But never fear now for the watch is here! On to the Yankee candles; I recently found out that they are stocked down my hightstreet *result!* so shot down there and bought myself these cute 'tester' ones (just incase I didn't like the smell). These are gorgeous and if you don't own any at the moment I highly suggest you go to your nearest stockist and buy them or check out amazon as I hear they do them cheaper as well. Once these two babies run out I shall be buying the jar size one for my room. If you don't like sweet smells I advice you go for the Vanilla Satin one as my mum is the same but actually wants this one for the house! 

Hope you are all well!