DIY: Simple Headband

This was the simplest DIY I have ever done! I came across this while preparing for another one that I will share with you guys later. By using an old bra strap (the patterned adjustable shoulder part) I sewed together about one shoulder and a half to make this easy non slip headband. It took me around five minutes to complete including measuring it to my head but be careful, if pinning it to try for size, not to prick yourself! However, this DIY is only good for those bra straps that are stretchy and best when it has a non slip feature underneath (as seen in the pictures above).

Hope you like it! 




So if you follow me on Twitter @rheadillon you will already know but...

I got a job at Kurt Geiger! 
 I've been trying to get a job either just for summer or a Weekend job ever since exams were out and it has definitely proved harder than I thought. I had just been giving my CV in to anywhere that would have it (as you can see I never thought they would accept me in KG!). Sorry if I'm blabbing but I've had lots of friends ask me about job searching in general so I thought I would share it with you. It has been frustrating as some stores actually looked interested and I even got asked to bring my CV into a Topshop store but yet no response, not to mention that I got rejected from a charity shop *covers face* 

BUT I am literally so excited to start work let alone for one of my favourite prestigious brands!

So with that, I thought I would show you some of the shoes that I'm loving at the moment from Kurt Geiger. The first three are the choice I'm trying to make for my first pair to work in as you have to wear their shoes (not complaining!), let me know what you think of them? Then the rest [with the last shoe being in the sale] is just a minute selection of my favourite shoes, in different styles, at the moment. Believe me, I could have created a catalogue of my favourites :L 

Hope you are all okay and check out the Kurt Geiger website: http://www.kurtgeiger.com/ for more great designs plus the sale is still on!

So sorry I haven't been blogging a lot but there has been a lot going on at home, plus with the olympics I have not moved from my sofa :L