It's officially Halloween which is by far one of my favourite holidays of the year, not only because it's an excuse to eat loads of sugary goodies but because you are guaranteed an awesome fancy dress! Plus, a fancy dress where the uglier you look the better *result for when feeling and or looking crap!* So with that in mind and a party to attend later, I thought I would share some cool Halloween inspired makeup ideas. I love fancy dress but there's always the thought of never wanting to go as the same character you did last year/party, so I thought going crazy with make up is a much cheaper and equally cool way to wow the scary crowds!

The photos start with, in my opinion, the least to the most challenging: 

How awesome are the last three, not sure if I have a wide enough range of makeup let alone time but hopefully this post will inspire us all to do something epic!

Have a ghoulish Halloween guys!



when nature calls, we must always follow

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Just a quick outfit post of when I went to Kew Garden's to see the David Nash exhibition, I forgot how lovely and green the place is especially as it's inside London. 

You can get some gorgeous photographs of the many plants there whether you need inspiration i.e. textures, patterns, colours or you're just interested in Nature. Thought I could share these two photos I took to give an example...







I visited The Little Black Jacket exhibition which consists of photographs taken by Karl Lagerfeld himself of models, actresses, artists etc. all wearing the famous Chanel LBJ! I didn't know what to expect as I thought maybe he just got this exhibition because he is KL, but I was happily surprised by the quality of the photography in the exhibition e.g. the use of scale etc. that true artists consider. The photos are gorgeous! Whether you are a fan of fashion or not, which I'm guessing you are as you're on my page ;) you should definitely go! It closes on the 28th October [yes this Sunday!] so get your butts down to the Saatchi Gallery asap! Plus [if you are still reading this and haven't left for the gallery] every person is allowed to take one free copy out of a selection of three A2 prints. Cheeky me took two as myself and another girl couldn't decide but there was loads so don't worry! 

I shall be visiting a lot of exhibitions this half term [I get two weeks Oct hols] as part of my Art homework, have you guys seen or been to any that are interesting?

Hope you're well!



new cool

find the 1st here/ 2nd here 
So I got inspired by India Rose's outfit post, which included this gorgeous coat from Asos (styling by India is way more me + better in my opinion). While trailing the site I also found the other coat with leather-look sleeves which is also really on trend for A/W. I've been slightly obsessing over the coats atm especially minimalist and bomber styles and embracing the Swedish style of less is more. Check out this other jacket only available to order to Sweden and Norway (gutted!)

But guys, which coat do you prefer?!? 



TK Maxxed

So I popped in to TK Maxx on my way to work and found these lovely items that I thought I should share with you. The print on the toiletries bag is so lovely and it's a great size yet I don't know whether I should save it as a Christmas present for one of my friends or not (I know Christmas thoughts already!) What I'm most excited about though is the Models own nail polishes as I haven't tried them before and am in love with the Copper Pot colour! If you ever need good toiletries TK Maxx (or TJ Maxx for some countries) is the one!

Hope you're all well!

love rhea