Jacket, Top and Shoes | Topshop
Skirt and Bag | Zara

So after my exams I got my hair done and coloured as I had mentioned in my previous post and voila! What do you think? I wanted it a bit darker (although in these photos it does look darker) but I'm still happy.  My hair was in such bad condition so it has been cut quite short but I don't mind as I really need to start looking after it more and therefore rushed out to buy a good hair oil! 

This is what I wore to dinner with a bunch of my closest girls from my school as everyone had finally finished their exams (yep I was part of the group that had the last exam, what a bum!)

For some great ideas to keep you busy through the summer I highly advise picking up a Time Out Magazine, even though they are pricey (I have a subscription yay) they have great ideas for outings and recently an issue on how to enjoy summer on a cheap budget *thats what we're about peeps!*

Hope this is helpful and everyones exams went well!



so you like Topshop?

So bit of a Topshop Haul as you can see *sorry about the bad lighting* I have finally got a peplum top that I have been lusting over for ages plus this black dress that flares out at the bottom that is so comfortable! Both unfortunately are for sixth form so we won't be seeing them for a while :( However I finally got my hand on those crop tees that Toppers have been selling for £8, they're so easy to wear and for when it finally does get sunny again I will be wearing this out completely with all my high waisted items! 

As I said in my TOWIB 4 post I bought a beautiful skirt from the boutique called China Doll Boutique. I am obsessed with this skirt and the print its just so gorgeous! I wanted to show you in an outfit looking all pretty and stuff but with the current weather I haven't had that opportunity :( [Just incase you think 'she is going on about this a bit too much for it to be true' I have not been paid or endorsed in any way; I am genuinely in love with 'flowty' skirts and galaxy print so its like a match made in heaven!]
Check out the website here if you haven't already, yet when I saw this skirt online the photo quality was not great but trust they have great quality garments you shall just have to take the descriptions word for it! 


Have you guys got any plans for summer?


Oasap Giveaway

Oasap is running a super giveaway of 152 pieces of silk dresses and blouses and who doesn't like free clothes?! So by clicking on the link above you can follow the simple steps to be entered into the Giveaway for the chance of winning some cool stuff! 

There will be 1 winner from 100 entries. One person may have at most 3 entries. More entries, more winners! 

For entry (Mandatory):
1. Sign in your account on oasap.com. No account yet? Register to get a 20% off coupon code. 
2. You need choose a size and then vote, so that we know the size you need if you win. Click on the product image to see size details.
3. One account may have at most 3 entries; that is to say, you can vote a maximum of 3 items.
4. We will select winner(s) at random and contact winner(s) through the email(s) that used to register account(s) on oasap.com.

For extra entries:
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Like Oasap on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/OASAP
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Good luck! 

p.s. Was thinking of doing a giveaway soon just between you guys and I, what would you think? (ie. using my own money to buy some nice stuff)


aztec rain

 Jeans & Top - Topshop
Shoes- Converse
Hat- My friends *he doesn't know :L*
Bag- Rokit 

Just had a day of running errands and got my test patch for my hair dye appointment *yayy* I'm bored of living with my really bad roots from last year that fortunately sort of looks like the current ombre trend. After having a year of not dyeing it and trying to replenish it I am finally allowed to dye it again, and this time I'm going to the hairdressers. Thought I'd share this little outfit with you as even though it was teaming it down with rain I got to wear this cute hat (stolen from a friend ;) 
Also, Thanks so much for all your deodorant help! I've tried the Sure's Maximum protect roll on which is so good even if I sometimes forget to put it on in the evening, yet doing so in the morning leaves you sweat free for 2 days just like it says! Although if you are doing any physical activity I would advise using it before then just incase :)

Hope you're all well and not too bummed out by the typical English weather!




 Hayley from London Beauty Queen
 The lovely Lucy who is currently interning for Poppy (sitting on the panel below 2nd from the right) from WIWT
awesome ring owned by Sian from tea-an-toast

Yesterday I attended the wonderful TOWIB event (The only way is blogging) hosted by Hayley from London Beauty Queen. This was my first blogging event and in the morning I had been rushing around about what to wear how to get there etc and obviously what are these blogging events like!? After finding where the venue, Tiger Tiger Piccadilly, (not too hard with my handy iPhone;) I walked around, took a few snaps of my outfit and then went back for the start.

It was so nice meeting different bloggers at the beginning and to warm us up we had a talk by Dr Linda about how if you feel good about yourself on the inside it will shine out. Although this was interesting it created a bit of a slow start. 

Following this there were various sessions to go to and I chose Photography 101 [from blogger Jaime from boymeetsfashion.com] then Hair trends and FAQs for hair colour [by Scott Cornwall]. Then we had an hour for lunch where there was a chance to look at the small boutique China Doll Boutique where I bought [I'm a sucka for boutiques!] a beautiful Galaxy print flowy skirt that I will definitely be showing you soon!
After lunch there was a great panel consisting of Poppy, Jayne, Natalie and Emma [click on their names for the links] with Hayley asking them a few questions. We then had another chance to go to the other sessions and I went to Ingredients and beauty buzz words explained [by the two brand managers of Naked]. The whole afternoon was nice and chilled followed by a final open Q&A session with Hayley, Jayne and the hilarious Caroline. Check out my twitter @rheadillon for the tips they shared [I tweeted them all in excitement!]. 

Overall it was a fabulous day! I met some lovely bloggers (sorry if I missed any out: Angela, Angelica, Sian, Petit Papillon de Nuit, Street Princess, Bex Smith, Lucy, Mittens Discovering and so many others that I didn't catch their urls) plus have so many great new blogs to stalk! Just want to say a big thank you to Hayley and highly advise all of you to check out her blog and any other events she hosts. 

Sorry about this really long post but it all needed to be said!
If you attended and I didn't mention you or didn't catch your blog please please leave a comment so i can have a look!


P.S. Can you guys recommend any really good deodorants as I always chop and change when it comes to summer and I would love to hear your advice [very random but an afterthought!]



Thought I would do a little post about my instagram as I've seen some other bloggers do so.
Instagram: @rheadillon

Come and follow me!



DIY: Dip-Dye


This was my first time at dip-dying clothes and my first tutorial so bear with me. I tried to dye a polyester blouse I had bought from the Zara sale yet had to learn the hard way that because it was 100% polyester and that polyester is a man made fibre [durgh chemistry revision] it doesn't actually dye! So I quickly ran to find another top I had wanted to spruce up and voila!
Heres just a standard tutorial on how to dye a top, for my button up shirt I did the same but with it hanging upside down instead. When I wore it out my friends loved it and now want me to dip dye all their clothes! 

Hope this is helpful and you can learn from my mistakes :)

You will need:
- The clothing you wish to dip dye
- Dye 
- Salt 
- Bucket
- A hanger 

How to:

1. Dampen your garment - you want it to be damp but not dripping. This helps it take on the dye evenly. 

2. Open your packet of dye and separate it evenly into a few different containers. 

3. To start, only put one of the measures of dye into the water, mixing according to the instructions on the packet. This will be the least concentrated to do the first immersion. Most dyes recommend using warm water and salt to set the dye. 

5. Put your garment on a hanger so it hangs evenly and dip it into the dye. The first time you dip it will be the deepest, and aim to stop roughly 2 thirds of the way up the top (adjust this to your preferences)

 6. Take the top out (hover it over a bucket to avoid spillages) and add another container of dye to the bucket and mix up. Dip the top again, this time only about 2 thirds of the depth of the first time. 

7. Add the final container of dye. Dip only the bottom few inches of the top into the dye at its most concentrated. You can even let it sit in the dye for a little while to take on more colour. 

8. Once you think it is dark enough, wash it out in a sink, making sure that no dye gets onto the top of the top. 

9. Leave the top to dry hanging over a bucket. The colour will lighten a bit once dry so you can keep the dye in the bucket so that if it dries and you find that find that it isn't dark enough you can dip once again. 

Quick snippets of the top before I headed out

inspiration: a pair and a spare