So yesterday I went to the AQUA Sample Sale in Brick Lane and spent most of the day chillin in East end. I'd never been to a sample sale before and it's quite like a grab-anything-whether-it-looks-like-it-fits hour, but funny and enjoyable all the same. They had two DJ's spinning old school tracks and with every purchase you got this massive orange bag that will come in handy when lugging art supplies etc to school! Purchases of the day was a black peplum skirt from Aqua which I shall probably be wearing for Sixth form (we have to wear 'suit attire' and look formal-ish, sounds annoying but when you look at some of the girls trust me they look so good!) Plus, this leather clutch from Rokit, now I had been lusting over the AA Carry-All Pouch but at £40 I kept um and ahhing so I am so happy I found this lovely clutch at £30 that i think is even better!

Most of the day I spent looking at the amazing trainers of people in Brick Lane and reminded myself of how I need a pair of cool summer kicks in my life. Might do an inspiration post soon, what do you guys think? 


P.S. Check out Marques Toliver on twitter as he has an incredible voice that everyone just needs to hear. So bummed I couldn't buy his CD as I'd spent all my cash but seriously check him out guys! (Lil snippet from twitter of peeps watching him under the bridge and I noticed me yay)


butter me up

My favourite recent buy: Korres Lip Butter in Quince 

This is the only thing that every time relieves my lips from a chapped state. Now I know lots of people swear by Vaseline or Chapsticks but I never feel they worked for me and either did nothing at all or left my lips even more dry! I highly advise anyone who has this problem to try these lip butters. They aren't stocked in any major shops round me that I know of but instead I found them in Oliver Bonas (a small cute clothing boutique). Plus they come in many different colours, have a great creamy texture and smell amazing. 

Hope you like this post, currently in the middle of exams so have a bit more time to post small things but no outfits for the moment, sorry! Any of you guys in exams at the moment? If so, how are you finding them?



Love, Always

Special blog post today about a beautiful jewellery boutique called Love, Always 
Love, Always started as an outlook for people that have been bullied and all who are against it. Every month 10% of all profits are donated to a different anti-bullying organisation which I think is a great aspect to have and be part of. 

When speaking to the owner of the boutique, Stephanie Diaz, she described her decisions on choosing the brands that are also part of the boutique:

I chose Dogeared because I think it goes really well with the message I'm trying to spread. Dogeared is a feel good and do good brand, which is exactly what Love, Always is. Gina Stewart Cox is an amazing jewelry line, based out of London and is extremely popular throughout the UK. I feel that her jewelry is something new that you don't see everyday. As well as this, every piece of jewelry purchased helps the Elephant Conservation Network. 
I recently just added another brand called Chibi Jewels. Chibi had beautiful jewelry pieces created with extreme originality. The pieces resemble some what of a Native American theme with a modern twists. I love helping and giving back at the same time as picking fashionable jewelry for others to wear. I have been able to channel my two favorite things (fashion and helping others) into one giant thing. 

AND if that hasn't made you fall in love with the boutique....

Love, Always have decided to give anyone who comes on Leather Clouds 10% off when you enter code LOYAL at the check out !

I wanted to show you guys my favourite 5 from the site and leave you to then take a look for yourselves;

I would love to see your favourites and thoughts so don't hesitate to leave a comment,

love, always ;)