'born 18 August 1993'

(Top- Camden Market, Skirt- Zara, Belt- Charity Shop, Jacket- Toppers)

Went out on Sunday night with my mum to the Jazz Café in Camden to see a Stevie Wonder Tribute. However, as we were leaving we checked the tickets and it said OVER 18's ONLY in big fat letters. So on the way we spent the time thinking up some random story about what A level's I had taken etc. Even tryed to ask some person on a stall whether they would ask for my ID and he said definitely. So I was feeling really bad as my mum was originally meant to go with her friend but she couldn't come because she double booked or something stupid. Then she was all worried :L Then we tried out going into a pub but i knew that would be fine because your allowed in a pub at 16 with an adult however there were bouncers at the door but let us in anyways. Stayed there for a while then finally decided to brave it or go home!

In the end the guy just took our tickets and let us walk in! So after all that it was a good night and I was glad to see my mum enjoying herself :) 

P.S. The pub was a regular for Amy Winehouse and here's a photo of a Polaroid thats up in the pub (She's in the one with the red writing sorry about the bluriness) 



Call me Fairy Godmother

Bought this dress from the charity shop the other day as my own little experiment. It was past my knees long so i decided to shorten it and there was also a part of the top frill coming off. Originally it was from Guess and I got it for £4 and I'm really happy with the result. Let me know what you think and any other comments. Haven't had a good place to wear it yet but when I do I'll put it up here. (:



Beware of the Pigeons

(Top- Topshop, Shorts- Vintage, Necklace- TopshopSale, Flips-Haviannas)

Family day out at the park, just casj tbh but got to wear my new necklace that I got in the sale for £1.50 when it was £16.00! So happs with myself ;) 


Watercolour Exhibition, Tate Brits

(Top-Zara, Trousers-Zara, Camera-Holga)

Caught the Watercolour exhibition before it ended on Saturday as my art teacher said it was not to be missed. Honestly, it was actually really good and its a shame if you missed it because it came to an end today. Sorry there are no photos as you weren't allowed to take any inside the exhibition but decided to take some out side this really cute building with an amazing front door- i thought! Then to finish the day, went to the Ritzy Bar and tried a Chai Latte that my mum had been raving about. It is basically cinnamon mixed with milk as a hot drink and is so gorgeous even if you don't like spices. Try it! 

Well anyway thats all for now :) x


No followers but hey...

Just to let you know that I am not slacking, I have just been ill for the past week so haven't been awake much let alone on the computer so. But I did go to see the Inbetweeners movie and it is hilarious, even if you don't like the show go because it is honestly the most hilarious thing I have seen in ages! Also realised lately that my art project needs to be done. EEEK! It's a sort or pre-planning piece we had to do over the summer but I have had no ideas so thought I could ask you what you think when you hear the words Borders, Barriers and Territories. Now it could be what you think of them individually or all together. Anything that springs to mind is great, after all this is art. Some things I came up with were physical borders i.e. the obvious fences and iron gates which could be incorporated into a sculpture piece etc; gang territories involving street art; sexual territories looking at male and female boundaries or even transvestites; clothes being a barrier and lots of other ideas. My main problem is how to sketch or paint them, so far i can just photograph them and I haven't got many photographs either so any ideas where i could find some of these things would be great as well. 

Would be great if you could help but again sorry for there not being a lot of posts lately

Rhea x


How to fringe

Had a go at fringing myself and as you can see it is really easy and so much cheaper than paying for one from the shops because they just rip you off for the fringing part! Anyway this was a top from a market and I was fringing it for my friend, when she wears it i'll show you a photo.

Let me know if you like it, comment, follow etc... 



I'm not just a cat, i am an IAMS cat

 [Top-topshop, Jeans-Levis, Shoes-converse]
Usual share of my little ensembles, pretty casual today though. But found out one of my rings that I bought from a vintage store ages ago finally fits on my finger! As well as discovering my neighbour has a plum tree! Shall find out if they are edible tomorrow. Night y'all x


Its over :(

So my course at the V&A is now finished /: Back to normal now but it was actually so good and I would recommend it to anyone interested in fashion whether it is designing or even just to get a deeper knowledge on how clothes are made. Heres days 2 and 3 together then my final finished piece. 
Day 2:

Day 3:

Everyone's together :)

Finally voila!