'born 18 August 1993'

(Top- Camden Market, Skirt- Zara, Belt- Charity Shop, Jacket- Toppers)

Went out on Sunday night with my mum to the Jazz Café in Camden to see a Stevie Wonder Tribute. However, as we were leaving we checked the tickets and it said OVER 18's ONLY in big fat letters. So on the way we spent the time thinking up some random story about what A level's I had taken etc. Even tryed to ask some person on a stall whether they would ask for my ID and he said definitely. So I was feeling really bad as my mum was originally meant to go with her friend but she couldn't come because she double booked or something stupid. Then she was all worried :L Then we tried out going into a pub but i knew that would be fine because your allowed in a pub at 16 with an adult however there were bouncers at the door but let us in anyways. Stayed there for a while then finally decided to brave it or go home!

In the end the guy just took our tickets and let us walk in! So after all that it was a good night and I was glad to see my mum enjoying herself :) 

P.S. The pub was a regular for Amy Winehouse and here's a photo of a Polaroid thats up in the pub (She's in the one with the red writing sorry about the bluriness) 


  1. Thanks! And thank you for coming on my blog :) x

  2. Cute outfit!
    Is that your natural hair color?