Tracey Emin

Went to the last day for the Tracey Emin exhibition at the Hayward gallery and me and my friend were about to get in when I stupidly questioned the price of the tickets for the young person one. The lady asked us how old we were and we both said 15, then she asked a colleague about how old you have to be to go into the gallery and guess what you have to be bludy 16. So I decided to call my mum down to come in with us and she had wanted to go anyways, one because I needed this for my Summer artwork and two to prove that bobble bumhead a lesson :L

Wandered round Southbank which I always forget how lovely it is and then finally saw the exhibition which I think was a m a z i n g. Got a lot of love for Tracey Emin now :)

P.S. Myself and my friend are in a hip hop music video somewhere on youtube apparently!


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