Fashion in Motion: Craig Lawrence

 favourite outfit below 

These were the wildest things I've ever been in, you have to try these chairs! *they rival Thorpe park anyday!*

Today myself and two of my friends attended the Fashion in Motion event at the Victoria and Albert Museum *my favourite museum eeep* which is a series of live fashion events that the V&A hold. I, nor my friends had ever been before but its a free event that 'sells out' really quickly, free event guys, free fashion?! I know right! So anyways I had seen the Yohji Yamamoto and Olivier Saillard shows advertised before and thought may as well go for it this time! 
Craig Lawrence has some excellent designs and I highly advise checking out the blurb about him on the V&A page *click me* which describes his journey and achievements. Me being a lover of art and all things with texture fell in love with his latter pieces in the show (photographed, quite poorly I might add, above) rather than the whole sweet wrapper and foil thing. It was a lovely show and I highly recommend anyone to go to the next one! 
Did any of you go today or to any of the later showings? Tell me what you thought :)

I am so sorry I have become a bit slack with blogging (only been a week I know but I feel bad :L) Between trying to start the 'prep' summer work for sixth form, sorting out summer/reading festival arrangements and iPhoto messing up its proved harder to keep up to date than I thought. But! I shall try my hardest to make things more regular from now on as we all like a bit of order every now and then. For those of you who want a bit more follow me on twitter and instagram: @rheadillon for daily updates, plus check out my new page on the awesome website WIWT: http://wiwt.com/user/Dillon/ 

Hope you're all well and watch this space as I might be putting some bits and bobs up for sale!



swanning around

Okay, for some reason I am a bit obsessed with Topshop's Swan print items (yes I know its not new but I thought I would say anyways), especially these shoes! They also had a really cute collar dress but I don't know where its gone waaa! Check out their other items especially the cute swan shorts :)

Have you seen any collections/collabs that you guys have been loving?



lost and found, soon to be expired

So exciting! So the other day my mum found this Canon EOS 300 in our house and said I could have it if I wanted, HELL YES! It's a cute film camera with an 80-200mm lens, although its not my first film camera (I also have a Holga 120GN) I feel I definitely need and want to practice with film a bit more. We also found with it the instructions to a detachable flash that we had found prior to this, so now I shall learn how to use it properly and maybe try and use it more. For my art A level, one of the subjects I shall be doing next year, the title is Light and Dark and I am known apparently for being 'the photography one' so I have been told go for it and record loads. Me being extra geeky when it comes to all things arty, old and pretty have grabbed this camera, bought an expired film (this gives a sort of instagram/old polaroid look apparently) and shall be taking photos of next to anything over the next few days! 

Stay tuned for the end result! 


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sheer yet in distress

Cardigan* | Sugarlips Apparel 
Shorts | Vintage&DIY

Just a quick outfit showing my new DIY distressed shorts that I did the other day with help/advice from Love Aesthetics and White or Wrong's blogs [check them out their links in my Daily Dose list on the side of my blog, I always look at blogs and add to the list regularly]. What do you think of the result? The shorts were boring me a bit so I thought may as well try it! 
I also recently received this cardigan from Sugarlips *yayy* It is such a nice sheer cover-up for summer especially as sometimes you don't want to go out without a jacket and what you have is to heavy to wear or will be heavy in your bag SO here is the solution! This beaut sheer cardi will be great for just chilling i.e. for lunch outs, when the weather in England gets better. Notice how I said when and not if *positive vibes* [Hit their badge on the side of my blog for more great stuff]

Hope you guys are well and just want to say thank you to all my followers, I reached 100 woo, I don't care if its 100 or 1000, every time I get a new follower I squeel in excitement so honestly thank you!
Was thinking of doing a giveaway soon, what do you think?