Thought this would be a good idea to share with you, didn't want to make it too long because otherwise this post would never end! I've become really obsessed with DIY blogs and love the whole renewing vintage finds or charity shop pieces into modern outfits. Just means you have to use your mind a bit more while out shopping and not go down the easy route into the highstreet stores. My favourite DIY blog atm is A pair and a spare as she has the most amazing idea's and can make anything look gorgeous, just check out these posts and you'll see why: one, two, three and four... the list could go on!

Currently ill at home as I have a fever and am injured from a netball match yesterday, hope you guys are okay though. If you have any inspiration posts or some other ideas for DIY don't hesitate to comment and share :) love new ideas


p.s. Here's a cover of Goyte's Somebody that I used to know by Walk off the Earth. It's amazing, just listen and watch!



Valentine's day = night with the girls because we don't have boyfriends [silent moment], first valentines where none of us were even dating anyone. Sad times but oh well! Not much is going to change as we shall soon have to knuckle down for a serious GCSE revision period *killer*. 

Hope you're all well 




 me and my mummy 
 the LADS

 Limo crazy;


A formal dance, esp. one held by a class in high school or college at the end of a year.

... so why in February you say? Don't ask me :L 
Although timing was odd it was surprisingly a good night for us all and ended with a cute gathering between our group rather than a massive after party. But never mind, as long as we were together I was content! :) 
Would love to see any other proms/prom dresses you guys have bought and comment on what we wore (not too harsh)! 




 when I imitated their usual poses; :L

Believe me with this vain lot there were loads more pictures after I left them with my camera for 15 minutes #bigmistake!

Also the lovely cakes were made for me by my auntie Melissa Dunn and I will make a special post about her soon. She is just starting her cake business but has been making wonderful cakes for our family for years now. We're so happy she is taking her talents further (: email me for details on how to order from her, I think special requests at the moment are fine,