playing with make up

I had no homework the other evening which is very rare these days, so in preparation for my prom next week I decided to play around with my eye shadows and see what looked pretty. The first photo was using the Hd brows kit I received in a Glossy Box and I have to say I really don't like this product as it comes off the skin really easily, it's really powdery and makes my skin look very ashy. So that was my worst 'experience' out of what I tried.  The best was when I used an Accessorize palette that my friend got me for Christmas. I blended three shimmery shadows to get this effect and it lasted for the whole evening. After this little fun session I think I will make my eyes subtle like the gold effect I've created but add false eyelashes for my prom, but who knows!

Any other ideas you guys have got or great tutorials you've seen? Send 'em my way :)



  1. nice! xx

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  2. you are so beautiful! :) I like the pics!

  3. Nice pictures ! You're beautiful ! :)