Christmas Day

 meet Missy!

So that was my Christmas day. Started off at Parkrun which for those who don't know is a weekly free run on Saturday morning at various parks in London which my mum volunteers at. They decided to have a run on xmas day as you can see even though it was Sunday; although my feet almost froze off it did wake me up for the day! Then spent the usual mornings at my Grandad's and dinner at Grandma's. 

As always there are the Christmas presents to talk about and this year from my parents I got the studded Topshop shoes I was after, a new snood, some dvds, jewellery and a new coat from French Connection. As much as I loved the quality and gesture I knew I wouldn't where it that much but its always better to say than let it rot in the back of your cupboard.
Here's a few pics I took of it before it goes back; 

Hope you all had a great christmas and got some great presents!

love rhea

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  1. Aww I see you have had a great time! It's important that Christmas is the one of those days when we finally unite again and feel the warmth and love of our family. I know I have too much work to do with my school, so I visit my parents as much as I can. And this particular day was important to me to finally be all together! Love the coat, suits you perfectly! And the kitten ( I call every cat a kitten because I love them sooo much) is soooo pretty!
    SHoes? LOVE THEM! <3