V&A Fashion Festival

Here is a very late post, I recently found the photos as I had previously tried to upload them but blogger wasn't having it! Anyway this was the first time my 'work' has ever been exhibited and I have to admit, I am very proud. During the Summer holidays I attended a Summer Course that I have showed previously in my blog, but for those who don't know, it was called 'Design and Make your own garment'. It was a short and sweet three day course where you made a design of your choice preferably based on a piece in the V&A. Well I received an email asking if it would be okay for my garment to be displayed at the Fashion Festival, who would turn that down bearing in mind this is one of my favourite museums? 
The Festival was a great success although I did have to leave early however I got some great advice for future fashion careers and portfolio ideas etc. and also a free magazine! It is called Pigeons & Peacocks and is run by the London College of Fashion. They are only on their third issue but it is definitely worth a look at, there are some great pieces in there and an opportunity to contribute to the magazine yourself. 

Hope this was helpful or just nice to read, let me know,

rhea x

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