the party that was never meant to be...

(top-Topshop, skirt-H&M, shoes-Converse)

Just a day in Oxford Street with my friend before what should have been the party of the year; they had a performer planned, great venue, two cakes and had definitely gone all out with budgets! However, when everyone arrived at the venue the security guards failed to turn up and after numerous attempts to call them/other guards the party had to be cancelled (the venue wouldn't let anyone in without security guards present). So after a hard days shopping for black and pink items, as was the intended theme, we went and sat for our parents to arrive at a friends. Exciting stuff. Highlight of the evening was when we were changing out of our heels on some steps near the venue and a guy walks past us saying, 'That's where I used to sit when I couldn't get in to anywhere!' Definitely topped and summed up our night!


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