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 On the weekend my best friend got confirmed which I thought was really cute, I got confirmed last year but her church does it differently. Any who!, the mass was so long and the church was packed so much I had to sit across my friends laps but we finally made it out alive and with an officially confirmed chick! Then we went to the nicest pub in Kent which although was quite far away, proved definitely worth the drive. The food was gorgeous as you can see from some of the photos plus not to mention really filling. It was a cute day with some of the closest girls stuffing our faces free of charge to be honest! Honestly can't imagine how much it cost for 3 course meals for the whole party (bearing in mind she had people from her family in Germany over) but if your reading this then thanks loads Tisk :) 

Recommendation for King Henry VIII Inn, Hever Road, Hever, Kent is a must so if you're down that area or want a nice cosy pub check this place out ( fyi dogs are allowed in aswell). 

rhea x

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  1. lovely post!!
    =) Love some of the pic!

    Tiago Aleixo