Has The Film Already Started?

my answer :p 

Friday 7th October my friend and I went to Late at Tate Britain's 'Has The Film Already Started?' evening. It occurs on the first friday of every month and I had previously been to Borders and Territories one in June which was so good as it had live music and had a fashion show. Did i mention its all free? So we decided to go to fill in a few gaps in our art books but when we got there we realised it consisted of just performances and films which had to be pre-booked groan and a discussion for 2 hours. We walked around for a bit and went through the exhibition which was actually quite good but very weird and also watched the short film by Ed Atkins 'A Tumour (in English)'. Never seen anything like it. Wasn't really a film, it was more of a mix of sounds and digital imagery that confused your mind. So i guess effective of the feeling the artist wanted to portray but still odd to me :L Overall it was a good evening as we came back and watched a film with some pizza express takeaway, nom! 
Also, if you ever come across Darling Spuds crisps BUY THEM! Though they are a little pricey, they taste so good plus such a cute name ;)


 p.s. if you want to know any of the artists just leave me a message (:


  1. Nice post. These are lovely pieces.

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  2. thank you so much, i'll check you guys out :) x